Large Moissanite Iced Out Jesus Piece Pendant

$ 450.00

This amazing pendant gives you a high end look and incredible shine. It's hand crafted out of real 925 silver with VVS moissanite stones.

Our top quality moissanite stones shine harder than any other gemstone in existence. They have a 9.5 hardness rating out of 10 meaning they don't easily scratch and get dull. Diamonds are rated perfect 10, cheap fake diamonds are only rated 3-4. Moissanite looks identical to diamonds with the naked eye, and pass commonly used diamond testers. Get a better shine and lower price with moissanite.

  • 7.50 CTW D Color VVS1 Clarity Moissanite
  • Genuine 925 Sterling Silver
  • 82MM x 37MM Size
  • Bail fits up to 8mm Chain
  • 40 Grams Weight