Own the room with a custom bust down luxury watch. A timepiece is the ultimate status symbol and trophy of success. Level up your wrist game by turning your plain jane into a show stopper.

We have iced out dozens of high end watches like AP, Rolex, and Patek and we're now offering this elite level stone setting on ANY kind of watch.

Example Pricing

Base watch plain for this example is a 41mm Rolex Datejust which would require 2500+ stones with high level flower/honeycomb setting. Watch is fully disassembled. Every single hole is carefully drilled out by hand with each stone individually set. Extremely time consuming process. Below are full bust down treatments.

CZ stones - $3500

VVS1 Moissanite - $5500

CVD Diamonds VVS Clarity - $8500

Natural Diamonds - $15,000 - $30,000


How Our Service Works

1. Contact us for an exact quote and to set up your order. 

2. Pay a 50% deposit and send in your watch.

3. We show you progress pics within 2-3 weeks. You pay 25% at that time.

4. We show you the completed masterpiece, then you pay the 25% balance. We ship you the watch fully insured and secure.


Don't want a full bust down? We can ice part of your watch as well, just let us know how you want it. Sent pics of other already iced watches and we can make yours look just like that. Contact us today!