At JF, we're always looking for creative photos and videos of our products. That's why we launched the content creator program. If you're a past customer and think you got what it takes, you can earn gift cards for free jewelry by showing off your JF products. If you're good, you can work with us over and over and accumulate a massive jewelry collection for FREE.


Level 1 - Send us 2-3 shots of your JF item or items in a creative manner. Examples include the items placed alongside other luxury or streetwear related goods. Items placed with a dope background like at a beach, day club, etc. holding the piece in front of a luxury or exotic car, in front of a nice house etc. You will get a $20 gift card for your set of photos.

Level 2 - Send us 2-3 shots of your JF item or items worn by yourself or someone else (male or female). Photos should have a nice background and be all about high end jewelry, luxury, or streetwear. Examples include shots at a nice location, in a nice car, in front of a luxury car, or other cool and unique backgrounds. You will get a $30 gift card for your set of photos.

For examples of these, check our Instagram page 

Terms and Conditions

Your photos must be HIGH QUALITY. You don't have to be a pro and pics don't have to be edited, but pics must be shot with a high quality camera (most cell phones won't cut it). It must be clear with good lighting. We recommend outdoor settings or bright light. Do not compress the pic. Send a large file so we can edit them and make them nice.

By submitting your photos you are transferring all rights of the images to us and allowing us to use them in social media and our website.

To keep up with our brand image, we will reject content that is not up to our standards. If your images are rejected, a gift card will not be issued and we will not use your images in any way.

Images must be for current in-stock JF inventory. Older, discontinued items or items from the "free item" promo cannot be used for this program.

How to Submit

If you have some pics ready for us, contact us here and say you have images for us and want to join our team of content creators. We'll respond to that by email and you can then submit your pics to us for your gift card!