High quality gold plated chains give you the same look and feel as solid gold jewelry but at a much lower cost. But the bottom line is that if it is plated, it will eventually fade and lose it's color. The reason is because gold plating gets eaten away slowly by moisture, humidity and sweat. But with proper care, your gold plated chains can last you years before you need it re-plated or replaced.
The best thing you can do for a chain is to avoid water and sweat. Don't wear it outdoors on a super hot day or any time you know you're going to get a lot of sweat on the chain. The acidity in the sweat will be make your chain fade faster.  Secondly, don't wear gold plated items every single day. Try to wear them on special occasions and going out only.
Check the NO FADING CHAINS section for chains that can be worn daily with no worries about changing colors.
Beware of shops that offer a "lifetime warranty" on gold plated chains and claim it won't fade. It will eventually. There's a saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you read the fine print, they'll only replace it 1 time or they will charge a high "processing" fee every time you use the warranty. These places will charge 2-3 times what the chain is worth from the get-go. For example, say its a $40 here, a similar quality chain will be $90 there. So basically they are making you pay for the amount of 2 chains to begin with, that's how they can replace it for you that one time if it is necessary. 

Cleaning Gold Plated Chains

There is nothing special required to clean gold plated chains. No special chemicals or cleaners needed. You just need a soft cloth to wipe off any oils from skin contact. Once in a while you can use warm soapy water and give it a quick bath too. Other than that, there is nothing else you need to do.
If your item has stones on it, then store bought jewelry cleaning liquid will restore the shine.

Gold Plating Quality

There are various levels of quality when it comes to gold plating. Most of what you see on the market is not truly gold plated. It is in fact plated with imitation gold, which is like a gold colored paint coated on the item. The result is a chain with the wrong shade of gold. It is often very dark and copper looking.
Our chains are made with thick genuine gold plating. A real layer of 14k or 18k gold is layered on top of brass, stainless steel or sterling silver. What you see and feel is real actual gold, so it looks exactly like an expensive real gold chain.
Buying a gold plated chain is the best bang for the buck. Think about this. A gold plated chain costs less than the sales tax portion alone for the same chain in solid gold!
Enjoy your chains, but just make sure to take extra care. With proper care and limited use, these chains last years.