Our Story

JewelryFresh was founded in 1998. What started as a high school kid selling watches from a folding table on the streets of California turned into a global 7 figure brand. As of 2015, we have served over 300,000 customers worldwide. We sell direct to the public as well as wholesale to retailers around the world. We also manufacture custom designs for established clothing brands and other jewelry stores.

The Anti-Jeweler

Our mission has always been simple. We make the dopest hip hop inspired jewelry that gives you a high end look at an affordable price. We make money by selling high quality jewelry to everyone instead of selling overpriced jewelry to a small group of people.

Our Products

Our jewelry is made in our factory filled with master jewelers all having years of experience. We make our items just like genuine diamond and gold jewelry. We create molds using modern 3D CAD designs, make the molds out of wax then set all the stones by hand. One stone at a time mounted to perfection. We use the highest quality lab made synthetic stones. They look just like real diamonds and gemstones without damage to the environment or violence. We use inexpensive metals like brass and sometimes real silver, then give it a thick coat of gold or rhodium. So what you get is a finished item that looks identical to something that would cost thousands of dollars. No one would know the difference but you.

When you shop with JewelryFresh you're going to save money, avoid getting middled from a jewelry store, and get good customer service. Our website is rock solid and secure, using the most modern security for major e-commerce stores. All items are backed by a 30 day return and exchange policy. Thanks for reading a bit about us and what we do. We look forward to serving you soon!