JewelryFresh was founded in 2001. What started as a high school kid selling watches from a table in the streets of California grew into a global brand with over 8 figures in revenue. As of 2023, we have served over 500,000 customers worldwide. We sell in-house designed pieces direct to the public and also manufacture pieces for clothing brands and other businesses.


Game Changer

We disrupted the traditional jewelry industry by making quality jewelry that gives you a high end look at an affordable price. We make money by selling fair priced jewelry to the masses instead of selling only overpriced jewelry to a small group of people like most jewelers.

No Stores

We don't do physical stores and never will. When buying from a retail jewelry store or a website that also has physical stores, you are indirectly paying for their expensive rent, fancy displays and decor, employees, commissions, security, insurance, utilities and more. These expenses cost upwards of $100,000+ per month, adding to the cost of the product.

We sell online only where we reach multiple times more customers daily than a physical store can, and we ship from fulfillment warehouses in inexpensive locations. This keeps our costs down and lets us serve more customers efficiently.

Higher Quality

Today the internet is filled with mass produced, cheap priced jewelry. As an established brand with a reputation to protect, we have always focused on quality first.

Our jewelry is hand made by experienced jewelers with years of experience. We only used top quality materials such as genuine 925 sterling silver, solid 10k or 14k gold, and thick plated base metal. We use the highest quality 5A CZ stones, genuine moissanite or natural diamonds in all our pieces.