Massive 925 Silver VVS Moissanite 3D Cuban Chain

$ 1,999.00

Walk into any room with this chain on and it's game over. This massive, heavy cuban chain blows away the competition. It's hand set with over over 50 carats of VVS insanity. It is so thick that even the sides are iced, making it the first of it's kind.

Moissanite shines harder than any other gemstone in existence with and is known to pass commonly used diamond testers. They have a 9.25 out of 10 mohs hardness rating, making them nearly as hard as diamonds so they don't pick up scratches and lose shine likeĀ mostĀ fake diamonds with a 3-4 hardness level. Get the same look as a high end white gold diamond chain without spending $100,000+. This top quality real silver chain will last a lifetime. Order yours today!

  • Perfect D Color, VVS1 Clarity Moissanite Stones
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 17mm Width
  • 295 - 386 grams (Depending on Length)