Top Quality 115 Carat VVS Flawless Steel Chain

$ 109.00

This large stone tennis chain is just like our high end chains, with top quality flawless simulated diamonds. This is a 100% exact copy of a $20,000 diamond chain. The difference is this one is made out of solid steel. It is stronger than gold and it will never fade, never tarnish. It will look just like platinum forever. Its the best metal for jewelry making. Every stone is held by 4 prongs, each stone is quarter carat of the highest grade VVS flawless simulated diamonds. There are 136 stones on this awesome iced out chain. Order yours today.

  • VVS Flawless Simulated Diamond
  • Solid 316L Stainless Steel
  • 30 inches Long. 6mm Wide
  • 115 Carats
  • 65g Weight