Gold Finish Round Cut CZ Studs Screwback
Gold Finish Round Cut CZ Studs Screwback Gold Finish Round Cut CZ Studs Screwback

Gold Finish Round Cut CZ Studs Screwback

Item # JLE001RG-4

  • $ 1995

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20.68 11 V 1/2 23
21.49 12 Y 25

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These are the nicest stud earrings we ever made. We hand select each stone and use the purest, highest grade VVS flawless simulated diamonds. The shine and clarity is just like a genuine high end diamond. Its mounted on real sterling silver. It has screw-backs just like real diamond stud earrings. All real diamond studs use screw-backs so this is a good detail to have if you want these to look exactly like the real thing. Order your pair today!

NOTE: Screw backs give you the real diamond look and detail, and it gives you extra security but you have to be extra careful when you put these on. Don't over tighten them or they will break, 3-4 full turns will be good.