Sterling Silver VVS Moissanite Ankh Pendant

$ 275.00

The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life, and life is meant to be lived to the fullest! These hit HARD. You will be spotted from the other side of the room so get ready for compliments. Choose from any stone size. Order today!

Why JF Moissanite?

Our excellent cut moissanite stones are colorless and VVS1 clarity. Due to their high light refraction rate, they hit harder than any type of CZ, fake diamonds and even natural diamonds. They have a mohs hardness rating of 9.25 out of 10 and will test positive as diamonds on commonly used diamond testers. A pendant like this made in natural diamonds will cost you thousands more. Get the exact look and feel for a fraction of the price and never get called out. 

  • D Color. VVS1+ Clarity Moissanite
  • Round Ideal Cut (Hearts and Arrows)
  • Genuine 925 Sterling Silver
  • Authenticity card and box included